The creative ideas of the designers of famous fashion Brands are presented to the GAB prototyping department, made of a team of young passionate people. This area is developed and managed by Matteo Lenzi, who handles the R&D section, offering the Client a unique and effective service. The process is also supported by the use of a system of advanced technologies and of a monitoring procedure.


GAB Srl realizes the sample for its Clients thanks to the support of a trustworthy supply chain of external laboratories. In the industrialization process, GAB offers its Clients an “Engineering” service, which consists in the digitalization of the entire production activities, from the processing of leathers to the assembly of the final products.


GAB can count on a trusted network of more than 10 laboratories of external production, which support the Company in the steps of assembly and sewing. Some of these suppliers, due to their strategic importance, have been integrated in the production facilities of GAB


The warehouse of GAB is equipped with Modula, an automatized system of accessories categorization. The MODULA that we can find inside the Company are a plus for the Clients (present or potential), because they allow to better store accessories of any dimension avoiding their loss or waste.